Your Party Needs This

If you’re having a party of any kind you definitely need to know about Cliques Photo Booth. My friend Dov from college started the photo booth business a couple of years ago and he has been non-stop ever since. I know first hand the kind of work he does. He called me probably around a year ago; he needed an extra hand at working the Katy Perry concert at the Palladium. It didn’t take me very long to say “I’m in, just tell me where to be and I’ll be there.” I had such a great time shooting the event, not just because I was mere feet from Katy Perry, but because her fans loved interacting with the photo booth. I should probably mention this is not your typical photobooth. It is a self-contained backdrop and lighting rig that takes up only a small corner of a room. Many of the photo booths that are out there today use green screen technology as the backdrop which ends up looking pretty cheap. Dov uses custom designed backdrops that are much more interactive. The best part is that prints are ready immediately after you get your picture taken. If you’re interested in his services, you can contact me or just click on his link above.


  1. Photo Booths are great. Especially wedding photo booths. I have a photo video booth hybrid and I feel like a wedding crasher when I attend an event. Its awesome.

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