Don’t forget about the light

When most brides and grooms are checking out potential venues rarely do they think about the light. I’m here to say that while it is not the most important item on the list when looking for a venue, it should definitely be given some thought. Imagine spending $10,000 on a beautiful ceremony and reception site only to discover that the sun is hitting your face with harsh unflattering light. In circumstances like this the photographer can’t really do too much about it other than hope that the sun falls behind a tree softening the shadows and allowing for more appealing images. This is not to mention that the sun hitting you directly in the face for 30 minutes is not very comfortable. So how do you work around this? When searching for the perfect venue, try to visit it around the same time that the ceremony would be taking place. Don’t forget that if you’re getting married in the summer the sun stays up longer. Also, look for structures that will shade the alter or gazebo. This can be a tree or some other structure that creates a shadow. By doing some additional research into your potential wedding venue, you can greatly assist your photographer in capturing some amazing shots without that harsh light adding to squinting eyes. Plus, you’ll be able to better see your new spouse.